Butternut Vase, 3 armed Elmwood lathe creation. woodturning to support OURRESCUE.ORG

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This was a challenging vase/bowl/sculpture to turn. The long arms made from the 3 branches are hard to work with because they make the lathe unbalanced dance all over the place if you go too fast...even my Laguna 18/36 which weighs a lot.... This was a little maddening as it never let me get above 600 RPM, which is really slow for me.... This beauty was made from salvaged Chinese elm wood I believe. The colors turned out amazing. I love seeing the transition from bark to inner wood and all the patterns and colors in between.

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My goal is to pair my love for medicine/surgery, video, photography, art and wood projects with my campaign to raise awareness for Operation Underground Railroad (OURRESCUE.ORG), an amazing group fighting child sex trafficking around the world. I dabble in wood turning on the lathe, carving, painting with acrylics using pendulum and pouring techniques as well as different video projects with time lapse and other things I find interesting.

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Dan Preece
"Mild Mannered Foot/Ankle Surgeon by day, Wood Cutting Paint Flinging Photographer by Night"

****The majority of music found on our videos is from Ketsa, Bensound.com and Scott Holmes, all very talented sources of great music!
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